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Our Community Blessing Missions

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."

Matthew 5:16

Our Community Blessing Missions (CBMs) are the purpose of our bear the burdens of those in need in our community.

Our Missions come from those  facing a burden as RSM then goes to work to attempt to meet this need thus lightning the burden!"

CBM 01

AC Repair for Farm Family

RSM responded to a family in need of AC repair. The dad had recently lost his jobs and the farm animals had gotten under the house and ruined the AC. RSM partnered with Tim Benjamin Air and Heat who donated the labor and our generous donors provided the materials!

CBM 02

Single Mother Apt Furnished

RSM completed furnished the apartment of a single mom with four kids. She had just moved into an apartment and had no furnishings. RSM went to work and provided beds for everyone as well as the rest of the furniture! Special thanks to our generous sponsors:

Mattress by Appointment / Farmer Furniture (Orange City)

CBM 03

Assisted Deaf Couple 

RSM was contacted by a homeless deaf couple with a child. They lived in Orlando and were in need of housing. They were a out of our area of influence but we were able to guide them in the right direction for possible government assistance. 

CBM 04

Fire Left Man with Nothing

RSM was contacted by a community member who had a friend lose everything in a house fire. He was renting a room in a building that was totally destroyed. RSM was able to access our Financial Offering and purchase clothing and toiletries so he could have a new start!

CBM 05

Former Foster Kid Gets Truck

RSM assisted a former homeless young man obtain his first vehicle. Edgar saved his money from his first job to by a used truck from one of his teachers. Due to his work, RSM decide to bless him financially blessing him ad get him his tax/tag/title paid for!

CBM 06

Single Mom In Need of Basics

RSM was contacted by a single mother of four. She had fallen on hard times and needed some basics to sustain her and her family. RSM responded and was able to purchase these items for her as a blessing!


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CBM 07

Furnished Home of Family w/ Orphans

RSM was contacted by a family of eight who had recently took in four kids that had been orphaned. They found a place to live but needed furnishings. RSM again partnered with Mattress by Appointment / Farmers Furniture and purchased four sets of bunkbeds and a dining room was donated by a local couple, 

CBM 08

Young Man in need of Work Clothes

RSM blessed this young man with work clothes for his new job.

The need came to us as he is 19 and lives on his own in a trailer and has no family. So we went to work and blessed him in Jesus name.

CBM 09

Elderly Man in need of a Fridge

RSM was able to meet the need of an elderly man who’s refrigerator was no longer working. Thanks to the generous donations of our many followers and donors, we were able to provide him with a new one!

CBM 10

Food for Back to School Giveaway

RSM partnered with Rose Davis who runs the non-profit Bretheren Reaching Out, Inc. At the start of every school year, they give away backpacks to those in need.

RSM was able to use our Financial Branch of the ministry due to our past amazing donors and provide over 60 boxed lunches to these kids!

Special thanks to Suzanne Kelly and Firehouse Subs (Lake Mary) for giving us a great deal.

CBM 11

Washer & Dryer for Single Mom


RSM was contacted by someone with the Seminole Co Sheriff's Office. There was a Sanford single mom in dire need of a washer and dryer. She currently suffers from Krohns disease. 

RSM ran into a little problem at delivery as the dryer was four prong but the outlet is three. But thanks to RSM volunteer, electrician Jake Tipton, the problem was solved!



CBM 12

High Chair Giveaway

Red Suitcase Ministry has received a generous donation of several high chairs and smaller portable ones. We are looking for needy families or single moms in need to gift them to.

PLEASE message RSM or myself rather than leave a comment.

Special thanks to Jennifer Clark for her generous donation!

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