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Red Suitcase Ministry Welcomes You!

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Our Calling

Red Suitcase Ministry (RSM) is a 501c3 non-profit community-help serving Seminole County, Florida and surrounding areas. 

Our mission verse:  

"Bear one anothers burdens thus fulfilling the law of Christ!" Galatians 6:2

RSM is a faith-based outreach that attempts to meet the burdens of those in our community who reach out to us or are referred.

RSM meets the burden directly or connects the burden to those in our community with a heart to meet that need. 

Our ministry was created as a result of the outpouring of support toward former homeless veteran, Richard Pajula (pictured  to right). Nearly $20,000 was raised to purchase an RV for him! He now humbly lives on a property owned by Blessing of Jesus over the Road Ministries!"

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